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Jason Marshall Painting, LLC. is a company that prides itself on perfection.  Our painters take your blank canvas and turn it into a masterpiece.  Using extensive techniques to achieve the smoothest, cleanest surface, we are able to achieve the highest level of precision for a flawless finish. This is why Jason Marshall Painting, Inc is the first choice among high-end projects.

We have competed long and hard for our reputable status and have seen the come-and-go of many painting companies whose work was simply not up to par.  Granted, most painting companies can put color on your walls: but what sets us apart is our ability to make a simple wall with color look like a work of art.  Texture finishes are extraordinary, faux finishes are flawless, and painted walls are seamless when we are through. 

Each member of my crew is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and discuss with courteous ease the steps and intricacies of their work with anyone who inquires.  We have had our brushes on some of the grandest estates in the northwest corner of Connecticut and Berkshire County of Massachusetts, affording us the pleasure of working with architects and designers from every corner of the country.  We have used our expertise to make boarding schools beam with stately magnificence.  Our skilled hands have made local banks and offices, corporate building, and homes more welcoming for their clients and guests. 

Our reputation precedes us and we assure you, if you ask around, you will discover that we leave behind not only work of the finest quality, but new friends and lasting clientele ready to recommend us for a top of the line, flawless finish.

Jason Marshall

Northeast Roof Revival, LLC, is an environmentally safe roof cleaning company that uses low pressure and eco-friendly products guaranteed not to harm plants, siding, pets, and shingles. Why pay to have your roof replaced, when you can "revive" it?